Weekly DaaS Roundup for April 11, 2024

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Top Story of the Week

How Tech Giants Cut Corners to Harvest Data for A.I. by Cade Metz, Cecilia Kang, Sheera Frenkel, Stuart A. Thompson and Nico Grant

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‘Like Wikipedia And ChatGPT Had A Kid’: Inside The Buzzy AI Startup Coming For Google’s Lunch by Rashi Shrivastava
article about our favorite search engine: PerplexityAI

The Worst Part of a Wall Street Career May Be Coming to an End by Rob Copeland
AI coming for the jobs of 100-hour-week investment analysts

World of DaaS Summit will be held on April 18 in DC.
participating are the CEOs of: Accuweather, Acxiom, Affinity Solutions, Airbyte, Alation, Anteraid, Atlan, Babel Street, Bombora, Bright Data, CareJourney, Chainalysis, Clearbit, Consumer Edge Research, Corelogic, CostQuest, Crossbeam, cvent, Cybersyn, Datavant, Enigma, Facteus, FiscalNote, G2, H1, IPInfo, Kaggle, Lightbox, LightCast, M Science, MadHive, Moore, Pelmorex, People Data Labs, Peraton, Pipedream, Pipl, Placer AI, Planet Labs, Quad, Recorded Future, Samba, SafeGraph, SalesIntel, Simplifi, Simulmedia, Sojern, Spade, Verisk, YipitData, ZoomInfo, and more
this Summit is closed (with a 200-person waitlist) … we will do it again in 2025

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World of DaaS channel passed our millionth (!!) viewer (and 11,000th subscriber) on YouTube: who knew there were so many data nerds?

Random Art of the Week

prompt: super funny comic strip about a town going mad to see a solar eclipse

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