World of DaaS Events

When: April 18, 2024

Where: Washington, D.C.

Who: Strict Invite Only

About: 120 CEOs from around the world come together to learn from one other about all things DaaS.

Sponsors: BCG, Facteus, SafeGraph, CostQuest, Cross Screen Media, Environics Analytics, Placekey, Veda Deta, Warburg Pincus, CalypsoAI, Flex Capital, Mobilisights, Senzing, Summit Trail Advisors, Webbula

confirmed participants:

Adam Helfgott - Executive Chairman, MadHive

Alicia Pittman - Managing Director, BCG. Global People Chair, BCG.

Aneesh Chopra - CEO of CareJourney. Fmr Chief Technology Officer of the United States.

Anthony Goldbloom - CEO & Co-Founder, Sumble. Fmr CEO, Kaggle.

Ariel Katz - CEO & Co-Founder, H1. Fmr CEO & Co-Founder, ResearchConnection.

Ashwin Navin - CEO, Samba. Fmr co-founder of BitTorrent.

Auren Hoffman - CEO, SafeGraph. Fmr CEO, LiveRamp (NYSE: RAMP)

Bill Pecoriello - CEO & Founder, Consumer Edge Research. CEO & Founder Good Deeds.

Bob Genter - President, Defense and Civilian, SAIC (NYSE:SAIC)

Boris Jabes - Co-Founder & CEO, Census

Chad Engelgau - Fmr CEO & President, Acxiom

Christopher Ahlberg - CEO & Co-Founder, Recorded Future

Dave Morgan - Founder & CEO, Simulmedia

Eric Frank - Founder, LightBox

Eugene Tsyrklevich - Founder & CEO, Parkopedia

Frost Prioleau - CEO,

Gil Allouche - CEO, Metadata

Godard Abel - Co-Founder & CEO, G2

Grant Harris - U.S. Asst Secretary of Commerce.

Gretchen Littlefield - CEO, Moore

Henry Schuck - CEO & Founder, ZoomInfo (NASDAQ: ZI)

Hicham Oudghiri - Co-Founder & CEO, Enigma

Humberto Ayres Pereira - Founder & CEO, Rows

Jan Čurn - Founder & CEO, Apify

Jeff Jonas - CEO of Senzing

Jennifer Bisceglie - Founder & CEO, Interos

Jim Himes - Congressman (CT), U.S. House of Representatives.

Joel Quadracci - CEO, Quad (NYSE:QUAD)

Joel Myers - Founder & Executive Chairman, AccuWeather

John Turner - Deputy Chief Digital and AI Officer for Policy, Office of the Chief Digital and AI Officer (CDAO)

Jonathan Silver - CEO, Affinity Solutions

Jony Levin - Co-founder and CSO, Chainalysis Inc.

Kevin Weil - President, Planet Labs (NYSE: PL). Fmr VP Product, Instagram.

Mark Colodny - Managing Director, Warburg Pincus

Mark Rabe - CEO, Sojern

Michel Tricot - Co-Founder & CEO, Airbyte.

Nana Banerjee - CEO & President, Pelmorex

Nate Maslak - CEO & Co-Founder, Ribbon Health

Nick Goad - Managing Director, BCG

Noam Ben-Zvi - CEO, Placer AI

Or Lenchner - CEO, Bright Data

Or Offer - CEO & Founder, Similarweb (NYSE: SMWB)

Pat Dodd - CEO, CoreLogic

Pete McCabe - CEO, Datavant

Prukalpa Sankar - Co-Founder, Atlan

Reggie Aggarwal - CEO & Founder, Cvent (NASDAQ: CVT).

Rob Sanchez - CEO, Anteriad

Robert Cardillo - Fmr Director, NGA. Chair, USGIF. Chair, Planet Federal.

Ross McCray - Founder, VideoAmp

Sai Krishna Srirampur - CEO & Co-Founder, PeerDB

Satyen Sangani - CEO & Co-Founder, Alation

Scott Stephenson - fmr CEO, Verisk Analytics (NASDAQ:VRSK).

Spencer Potts - CEO & Founder, MadHive

Stu Shea - Chairman & CEO, Peraton

Thom Tillis - U.S. Senator (NC). Fmr Speaker of the House, North Carolina General Assembly.

Tim Hwang - Founder, Chairman & CEO, FiscalNote (NYSE: NOTE).

Tod Sacerdoti - Founder & CEO, Pipedream. General Partner, Flex Capital. Fmr CEO, BrightRoll.

Travis May - CEO, Shaper Capital. Founder & Fmr CEO, Datavant. Fmr CEO, LiveRamp (NYSE:RAMP).

Vin Vacanti - Co-Founder & CEO, YipitData

Vipul Amin - Managing Director, Carlyle

Adam Maher - CEO & Founder, Ursa Space Systems Inc.

Alana Marzoev - Founder & CEO, ReadySet Technology, Inc.

Alex Izydorczyk - CEO, Cybersyn

Andrew Kress - Co-Founder & CEO, HealthVerity

Balan Ayyar - Founder & CEO, Percipient. Fmr President & CEO, Sevatec. Fmr Commanding General, USAF.

Ben Dowling - Founder & CEO, IPinfo. Fmr CTO, Calm.

BJ Pittman - Co-Founder & Chairman, Fraym. Founding Partner, Kupanda Capital.

Bob Moore - Co-Founder and CEO, Crossbeam

Bobby Pinero - CEO & Co-Founder, Equals

Brent Buchanan - CEO, Cygnal (CYN.TSX).

Campbell Brown - CEO & Co-Founder, PredictHQ

Chris Hecht - Corporate Development and Partnerships, Databricks

Chris Marsh - CEO & Co-Founder, Facteus

Daniel Heer - CEO & Founder, Zeotap

David Spirk - Senior Counselor, Palantir. Former Chief Data Officer US Air Force and USSOCOM

DJ Patil - Board: Devoted Health. Fmr U.S Chief Data Scientist

Erik Matlick - CEO, Bombora

Etai Mizrahi - CEO & Co-Founder, Secoda

Ethan Geismar - Head of US Data Strategy, Equity Research, Jefferies

Friedrich Lindenberg - CEO & Founder, OpenSanctions

Geoff Prince - CEO, Veraset

George Hoyem - Executive Vice President, In-Q-Tel

Jacob Ross - CEO, PebblePost. Fmr CPO, MediaMath.

James Stegeman - President & CEO, CostQuest Associates

Jan Kestle - President, Environics Analytics

Jason Hines - CEO & Co-Founder, Gigasheet

Jason Richman - CRO, SafeGraph

Jeff Lu - General Partner, Flex Capital. Fmr VP, Battery Ventures.

Jeremiah Lowin - Founder & CEO, Prefect

Jerry Paffendorf - CEO, Regrid

Jim McCray - CEO, Highwood Capital

Joe Gagnon - CEO, 1upHealth

Johann Schleier Smith - CEO, Crystal Cloud

John Cordier - CEO, Epistemix

John Roa - CEO, Caden

Johnnie Moore - President, JDA Worldwide and Founder of The KAIROS Company

Joseph Moon - Founder & CEO, Hyperquery

Kirsten Bartok Touw - Managing Partner, New Vista Capital

LD Salmanson - Co-Founder & CEO, Cherre

Manoj Ramnani - CEO, SalesIntel

Marc Prioleau - Executive Director - Overture Maps Foundation, The Linux Foundation.

Matt Hertz - Founder & CEO, Pipl

Matt Katz - Senior Managing Director & Global Head of Data Science, Blackstone

Matt Sornson - CEO & Co-Founder, Clearbit

Meghan Gaffney - Founder & CEO, VEDA Data

Michael Beach - CEO, 1903 Group. CEO, Cross Section Media.

Michael Mandel - Co-Founder & CEO, CompStak

Michael Meltz - Chief Strategy Officer, Experian (LSE: EXPN.L)

Mike Fleder - Founder & CEO, Covariance

Mike Lukianoff - CEO, Extropy360

Mitesh Rao - Founder & CEO, OMNY Health. Asst. Professor of Emergency Medicine, Stanford University.

Nare Vardanyan - Co-Founder & CEO, Ntropy

Neil Serebryany - Founder & CEO, Calypso AI

Nick Bowden - CEO, Replica.

Nick Patrick - Co-Founder and CEO, Radar

Nicole Robinson - Chief Growth Officer, Comtech Telecommunications Corp (NASDAQ: CMTL).

Nima Negahban - CEO, Kinetica

Oban MacTavish - Co-Founder & CEO, Spade

Pavan Arora - Partner, MD & CTO, Cerberus Technology Solutions

Peter Fishman - CEO & Co-Founder, Mozart Data

Peter Newell - CEO, BMNT. Retired U.S. Army colonel. Fmr Director, U.S. Army Rapid Equipping Force.

Rafiq Ahmed - Co-Founder & CEO, Serif Health

Rahul Jain - GM Product & Corporate Dev/Founder, Pendo

Rich Brown - Head of Data, Jain Global

Rick Erwin - CEO, Adstra. Fmr Co-President, Acxiom Marketing Solutions.

Roderick van den Berg - CEO & Co-Founder, Eco Movement

Ronda Schrenk - CEO, U.S. Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF).

RP Eddy - CEO, Ergo

Ryan Green - Co-Founder & CEO, Gridwise

Ryan Janssen - Co-Founder & CEO, Zenlytic

Sanjiv Ghate - CEO Mobilisights, a Stellantis Company

Samuel Semwangu - CEO - Bazze

Sara Fagen - Founder & CEO, Tunnl. Co-Founder, Resonate.

Sean Thorne - CEO, People Data Labs

Serge Matta - President of Global Ad Sales, LG Ads Solutions. Fmr CEO of ICX Media, Inc. and Comscore (NASDAQ: SCOR).

Stuart Hanson - CEO, Avaneer Health

Ted Prince - Group CPO, Kantar. Fmr President, Analytics Solutions, Neustar, Inc (NYSE:NSR).

Thomas Walle - CEO & Co-Founder, Unacast

Todd Morris - CEO, InMarket

Tony Porter - Director, Expanded Competition Office, Concepts, Development and Management

Vince Cersosimo - Co-Founder & CEO, Webbula

Will Bewley - Co-Founder & CEO, WoFlow

Will Manidis - CEO & Founder, ScienceIO