08 MAY 2025

The World of DaaS Summit brings together the leading DaaS CEOs and a small number of government officials, members of Congress and senior members of the national security community.

Guests can expect to hear from some of the legislators impacting the space today, multiple round tables and discussions, curated smaller dinners and plenty of opportunities to socialize in our nation’s capital.



Adam Helfgott - Executive Chairman, MadHive

Alicia Pittman - Managing Director, BCG. Global People Chair, BCG.

Aneesh Chopra - CEO of CareJourney. Fmr Chief Technology Officer of the United States.

Anthony Goldbloom - CEO & Co-Founder, Sumble. Fmr CEO, Kaggle.

Ariel Katz - CEO & Co-Founder, H1. Fmr CEO & Co-Founder, ResearchConnection.

Ashwin Navin - CEO, Samba. Fmr co-founder of BitTorrent.

Auren Hoffman - CEO, SafeGraph. Fmr CEO, LiveRamp (NYSE: RAMP)

Bill Pecoriello - CEO & Founder, Consumer Edge Research. CEO & Founder Good Deeds.

Bob Genter - President, Defense and Civilian, SAIC (NYSE:SAIC)

Boris Jabes - Co-Founder & CEO, Census

Chad Engelgau - Fmr CEO & President, Acxiom

Christopher Ahlberg - CEO & Co-Founder, Recorded Future

Dave Morgan - Founder & CEO, Simulmedia

Eric Frank - Founder, LightBox

Eugene Tsyrklevich - Founder & CEO, Parkopedia

Frost Prioleau - CEO,

Gil Allouche - CEO, Metadata

Godard Abel - Co-Founder & CEO, G2

Grant Harris - U.S. Asst Secretary of Commerce.

Gretchen Littlefield - CEO, Moore

Henry Schuck - CEO & Founder, ZoomInfo (NASDAQ: ZI)

Hicham Oudghiri - Co-Founder & CEO, Enigma

Humberto Ayres Pereira - Founder & CEO, Rows

Jan Čurn - Founder & CEO, Apify

Jeff Jonas - CEO of Senzing

Jennifer Bisceglie - Founder & CEO, Interos

Jim Himes - Congressman (CT), U.S. House of Representatives.

Joel Quadracci - CEO, Quad (NYSE:QUAD)

Joel Myers - Founder & Executive Chairman, AccuWeather

John Turner - Deputy Chief Digital and AI Officer for Policy, Office of the Chief Digital and AI Officer (CDAO)

Jonathan Silver - CEO, Affinity Solutions

Jony Levin - Co-founder and CSO, Chainalysis Inc.

Kevin Weil - President, Planet Labs (NYSE: PL). Fmr VP Product, Instagram.

Mark Colodny - Managing Director, Warburg Pincus

Mark Rabe - CEO, Sojern

Michel Tricot - Co-Founder & CEO, Airbyte.

Nana Banerjee - CEO & President, Pelmorex

Nate Maslak - CEO & Co-Founder, Ribbon Health

Nick Goad - Managing Director, BCG

Noam Ben-Zvi - CEO, Placer AI

Or Lenchner - CEO, Bright Data

Or Offer - CEO & Founder, Similarweb (NYSE: SMWB)

Pat Dodd - CEO, CoreLogic

Pete McCabe - CEO, Datavant

Prukalpa Sankar - Co-Founder, Atlan

Reggie Aggarwal - CEO & Founder, Cvent (NASDAQ: CVT).

Rob Sanchez - CEO, Anteriad

Robert Cardillo - Fmr Director, NGA. Chair, USGIF. Chair, Planet Federal.

Ross McCray - Founder, VideoAmp

Sai Krishna Srirampur - CEO & Co-Founder, PeerDB

Satyen Sangani - CEO & Co-Founder, Alation

Scott Stephenson - fmr CEO, Verisk Analytics (NASDAQ:VRSK).

Spencer Potts - CEO & Founder, MadHive

Stu Shea - Chairman & CEO, Peraton

Thom Tillis - U.S. Senator (NC). Fmr Speaker of the House, North Carolina General Assembly.

Tim Hwang - Founder, Chairman & CEO, FiscalNote (NYSE: NOTE).

Tod Sacerdoti - Founder & CEO, Pipedream. General Partner, Flex Capital. Fmr CEO, BrightRoll.

Travis May - CEO, Shaper Capital. Founder & Fmr CEO, Datavant. Fmr CEO, LiveRamp (NYSE:RAMP).

Vin Vacanti - Co-Founder & CEO, YipitData

Vipul Amin - Managing Director, Carlyle

Adam Maher - CEO & Founder, Ursa Space Systems Inc.

Alana Marzoev - Founder & CEO, ReadySet Technology, Inc.

Alex Izydorczyk - CEO, Cybersyn

Andrew Kress - Co-Founder & CEO, HealthVerity

Balan Ayyar - Founder & CEO, Percipient. Fmr President & CEO, Sevatec. Fmr Commanding General, USAF.

Ben Dowling - Founder & CEO, IPinfo. Fmr CTO, Calm.

BJ Pittman - Co-Founder & Chairman, Fraym. Founding Partner, Kupanda Capital.

Bob Moore - Co-Founder and CEO, Crossbeam

Bobby Pinero - CEO & Co-Founder, Equals

Brent Buchanan - CEO, Cygnal (CYN.TSX).

Campbell Brown - CEO & Co-Founder, PredictHQ

Chris Hecht - Corporate Development and Partnerships, Databricks

Chris Marsh - CEO & Co-Founder, Facteus

Daniel Heer - CEO & Founder, Zeotap

David Spirk - Senior Counselor, Palantir. Former Chief Data Officer US Air Force and USSOCOM

DJ Patil - Board: Devoted Health. Fmr U.S Chief Data Scientist

Erik Matlick - CEO, Bombora

Etai Mizrahi - CEO & Co-Founder, Secoda

Ethan Geismar - Head of US Data Strategy, Equity Research, Jefferies

Friedrich Lindenberg - CEO & Founder, OpenSanctions

Geoff Prince - CEO, Veraset

George Hoyem - Executive Vice President, In-Q-Tel

Jacob Ross - CEO, PebblePost. Fmr CPO, MediaMath.

James Stegeman - President & CEO, CostQuest Associates

Jan Kestle - President, Environics Analytics

Jason Hines - CEO & Co-Founder, Gigasheet

Jason Richman - CRO, SafeGraph

Jeff Lu - General Partner, Flex Capital. Fmr VP, Battery Ventures.

Jeremiah Lowin - Founder & CEO, Prefect

Jerry Paffendorf - CEO, Regrid

Jim McCray - CEO, Highwood Capital

Joe Gagnon - CEO, 1upHealth

Johann Schleier Smith - CEO, Crystal Cloud

John Cordier - CEO, Epistemix

John Roa - CEO, Caden

Johnnie Moore - President, JDA Worldwide and Founder of The KAIROS Company

Joseph Moon - Founder & CEO, Hyperquery

Kirsten Bartok Touw - Managing Partner, New Vista Capital

LD Salmanson - Co-Founder & CEO, Cherre

Manoj Ramnani - CEO, SalesIntel

Marc Prioleau - Executive Director - Overture Maps Foundation, The Linux Foundation.

Matt Hertz - Founder & CEO, Pipl

Matt Katz - Senior Managing Director & Global Head of Data Science, Blackstone

Matt Sornson - CEO & Co-Founder, Clearbit

Meghan Gaffney - Founder & CEO, VEDA Data

Michael Beach - CEO, 1903 Group. CEO, Cross Section Media.

Michael Mandel - Co-Founder & CEO, CompStak

Michael Meltz - Chief Strategy Officer, Experian (LSE: EXPN.L)

Mike Fleder - Founder & CEO, Covariance

Mike Lukianoff - CEO, Extropy360

Mitesh Rao - Founder & CEO, OMNY Health. Asst. Professor of Emergency Medicine, Stanford University.

Nare Vardanyan - Co-Founder & CEO, Ntropy

Neil Serebryany - Founder & CEO, Calypso AI

Nick Bowden - CEO, Replica.

Nick Patrick - Co-Founder and CEO, Radar

Nicole Robinson - Chief Growth Officer, Comtech Telecommunications Corp (NASDAQ: CMTL).

Nima Negahban - CEO, Kinetica

Oban MacTavish - Co-Founder & CEO, Spade

Pavan Arora - Partner, MD & CTO, Cerberus Technology Solutions

Peter Fishman - CEO & Co-Founder, Mozart Data

Peter Newell - CEO, BMNT. Retired U.S. Army colonel. Fmr Director, U.S. Army Rapid Equipping Force.

Rafiq Ahmed - Co-Founder & CEO, Serif Health

Rahul Jain - GM Product & Corporate Dev/Founder, Pendo

Rich Brown - Head of Data, Jain Global

Rick Erwin - CEO, Adstra. Fmr Co-President, Acxiom Marketing Solutions.

Roderick van den Berg - CEO & Co-Founder, Eco Movement

Ronda Schrenk - CEO, U.S. Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF).

RP Eddy - CEO, Ergo

Ryan Green - Co-Founder & CEO, Gridwise

Ryan Janssen - Co-Founder & CEO, Zenlytic

Sanjiv Ghate - CEO Mobilisights, a Stellantis Company

Samuel Semwangu - CEO - Bazze

Sara Fagen - Founder & CEO, Tunnl. Co-Founder, Resonate.

Sean Thorne - CEO, People Data Labs

Serge Matta - President of Global Ad Sales, LG Ads Solutions. Fmr CEO of ICX Media, Inc. and Comscore (NASDAQ: SCOR).

Stuart Hanson - CEO, Avaneer Health

Ted Prince - Group CPO, Kantar. Fmr President, Analytics Solutions, Neustar, Inc (NYSE:NSR).

Thomas Walle - CEO & Co-Founder, Unacast

Todd Morris - CEO, InMarket

Tony Porter - Director, Expanded Competition Office, Concepts, Development and Management

Vince Cersosimo - Co-Founder & CEO, Webbula

Will Bewley - Co-Founder & CEO, WoFlow

Will Manidis - CEO & Founder, ScienceIO