Weekly DaaS Roundup for May 30

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Welcome to the Weekly DaaS Roundup!

Before we get into the latest developments in the World of Data, a conversation with a friend on whether the world today would be recognizable to a time traveler from 2004 (you can easily identify them by their frosted tips and puka shell necklaces) made me go back to a classic 2015 write up on the non-linear nature of progress, AI and the future. You know what? It still holds up!

The debate on the other hand…still rages on.

Top Story of the Week

PayPal Is Planning an Ad Business Using Data on Its Millions of Shoppers by Patrick Coffee (WSJ)
Data exhaust monetization has been the Holy Grail for years, with PayPal, JPM and numerous other expected to follow suit, is Indy finally in the right temple?

Q1 State of DaaS

Data-as-a-Service Market Update by IKONA Partners
Excellent resource on the largest deals of the quarter as well as comps and an overview of the investor space.

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News and Interesting Reads

Beyond Benchmarks 2024 Emergence Capital surveyed 400 B2B Software companies to understand GenAI trends, the fundraising environment and company performance metrics.

The Executive Report Card  Paragon Intel rolled out a rating for the C-suite of publicly traded companies that aims to quantify exec fit and impact on company performance. Applying their methodology going back 10 years, the company claims there was an "annualized alpha" of 8% — meaning if you shorted the companies with poorly rated execs and bought those with strong C-suites, you would have made 8% more a year than the average peer.

And here you were thinking that report cards were a relic of grade school.

Meta allows you to opt out of having your data train their models  @Tantacrul walks us through the process, which can only be described as Kafkaesque. The humor in all of this is that the DMV style nightmare is outlined on X, which is also training its models on the content. Turtles all the way down.

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M&A and Funding

The DaaS Company Spotlight - Tollbit

Why we think they’re cool: It’s the Wild West out there right now in terms of ethical AI data sourcing and fair market renumeration. Tollbit is aiming to become the sheriff of this town by creating a rule based market for publishers and their new data hungry consumers (AI models, scrapers and the like).

Podcast Recommendation

Michael Batnick is a managing partner and director of research at Ritholtz Wealth Management. He’s also the host of several fantastic podcasts, including Animal Spirits and The Compound and Friends.

In this episode, Auren and Michael discuss retail investors, common pitfalls and whether index funds will save or destroy the market.

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Random Art(tificial Hallucination) of the Week 

prompt: turtles all the way down in the style of a 70s ad

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