Weekly DaaS Roundup for May 23

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Welcome to the Weekly DaaS Roundup! Before we proceed with the latest news from the ever changing world of data, a quick moment of silence for the English language as yet another lazy “bro” based portmanteau (move over bromance) enters the vernacular.

‘Bromakase’ is the New Steak House by Brett Anderson (New York Times)

Top Story of the Week

Slack users horrified to discover messages used for AI training by Ashley Belanger (ArsTechnica)
A quiet policy change and automatic opt-in. Now your most questionable Slacks and ill advised gifs can take on a beautiful second act as AI generated lasagna recipes?

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News and Interesting Reads

OpenAI, WSJ Owner News Corp Strike Content Deal Valued at Over $250 Million by Alexandra Bruell, Sam Schechner, Deepa Seetharaman (WSJ)

How to Price a Data Asset by Abraham Thomas

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M&A and Funding

AI MUSIC GENERATOR SUNO RAISES $125M - jam out to a sample at the end of this letter.

The Long Read

As the LLM Arms Race intensifies - we must consider that not everything that goes into a model can and should stay there.

Podcast Recommendation

CB Insights Founder Anand Sanwal - Tech Narratives are NOT Backed By Data on World of DaaS podcast
Anand Sanwal is the founder of CB Insights, a business analytics platform and global database of intel on technology companies. Anand was CEO of CB Insights for 14 years and recently stepped into the role of executive chairman. 

the World of DaaS channel surpassed 1.4 million (!!) views (and 15,000 subscribers) on YouTube: the data army grows stronger!

Random Art(tificial Hallucination) of the Week 

prompt: A computer consuming data in the style of an 80s metal band cover art

Some catchy tunes - prompt: A pop-punk banger about AI ruining human creativity.

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