Weekly DaaS Roundup for June 6

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Welcome to the Weekly DaaS Roundup!

Was great to kick off summer at Neudata’s New York Data Summit and see many of you lead in engaging and frank conversations on where Data (alt and beyond) is headed and what it tells us about the world today.

Dan Entrup who did a great job moderating on a panel exploring Exploring AltData for Non-Equity Use Cases summed up the event excellently:

While June is the start of the summer slowdown in some industries, this June is already off to an amazing start with new content, networking, and activity. Yesterday, I was fortunate to attend and speak at the Neudata Summer Data Summit. I don't often say this after conferences, but for this one, the highlight to me was the content (aside from the obvious good networking). My favorite panel discussion was The Future of Alternative Data with Mark Fleming-Williams, Auren Hoffman 📚, Rado Lipuš, CFA,Kirk McKeown, and Christina Qi. I haven't seen the level of blunt, honest opinions in a while, and it was phenomenal to hear some of the unspoken industry truths spoken about on stage in front of a full house including standing room.”

Top Story of the Week

Databricks to Buy Data-Management Startup Tabular in Bid for AI Clients by Belle Lin (WSJ)
The Billion+ deal is the latest salvo in the war for our data.

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News and Interesting Reads

Microsoft, Google Lay Off Hundreds of Staff on Cloud Teams Amid AI Push by Kate Irwin (PC Mag)
Data store is old hat - major providers are restructuring.

Zoom CEO Envisions AI Deepfakes Attending as You by Benj Edwards (ArsTechnica)
Will let a classic film from the late 20th century summarize that one…

Data Dividends by Alex Izydorczyk
Is it fiscally possible to make our data work for us?

From Data to Decisions by Jason Derise
Let’s not limit ourselves to hammers.

Are data breaches the new normal by Sigi Goode (The Conversation)
Or…has everything already been hacked?

M&A and Funding

This week on The World of DaaS

Ben needs no introductions. In this episode of World of DaaS, Auren and Ben discuss data moats, AI vs software, and the nuances of the modern VC. Ben starts by exploring whether AI will eat the world like software has, and who the winners and losers of the AI revolution might be.

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prompt: Summer vacation with a laptop in the style of Van Gough

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